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Artwork of China Painting on Porcelain, Tile Murals and Glass

Each piece is custom designed to your decor or specification. Then the individual tiles for the mural, porcelain or glass  is hand painted by Stephanie Laufenburger and fired in the kiln in the range of 1100 – 1450 degrees, respective to being  tile, porcelain or glass. Each piece is painted 6 to 10 times with firing between the layers and steps to embed the mineral paints into the surface of the porcelain, tile or glass. With each layer and firing, the rich, dark colors and shadows come alive. The firing of the piece renders the artwork permanent resulting in a durable, functional piece of porcelain, glass globe, stained glass, or tile mural to be enjoyed for years to come. Tile murals are custom designed to your home.

Creating today, the heirlooms of tomorrow.