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Professional Antique Restoration

Restoring an antique or collectible is more than a trade; it's an art form. These timeless artifacts are irreplaceable and carry incredible monetary and (or) sentimental value. Fortunately, when an accident occurs, restoration brings peace of mind. Stephanie takes excellent care in full or partial professional antique restoration of the damaged piece. Stephanie can create a replacement glass globe to match the original base of an antique glass lamp. Pieces to be repaired (but not limited to) are china, porcelain, pottery, ceramic, glass, stone, marble, metal, soapstone, enamel, and picture frames (to name a few). The repair can involve multiple steps, determined once the piece is cleaned and inspected for the extent of damage and any previous repairs that need to be considered going forward. Missing parts may need to be sculpted or cast with research considering the original. Pieces are repaired on the front, back, inside, and outside to ensure stability and aesthetics. The cold repair process is for decorative purposes only, not for use such as dinnerware.

Pieces are carefully aligned and glued, missing areas as chips are filled, pieces molded, attached, and cured. Seams are filled by hand or airbrushed with porcelain filler and sanded multiple times to achieve seamless contact points. Hand painting or airbrushing color to blend the areas is meticulously performed, and a clear coat is airbrushed to protect and provide the original sheen. Experience with faux finishes to emulate bronze, copper, metal patinas, stone, texture, marbling, and recreating the original design all come into play. My skill as an experienced faux finisher and china painter lends to the success of professional antique restoration!

Oil painting cleaning requires examining and testing cleaning products to determine the steps involved. Frames with chips and missing ornamentation can be molded, cast, sculpted, and refinished to their former glory to ensure it remains with the original painting.

Kintsugi is an ancient repair process that uses gold products and special epoxies to fill the seams and enhance the piece's beauty. It is a spiritual practice to celebrate the scars and imperfections of life, inspiring healing as it unites our past with our future. Please inquire about our Group Kintsugi Repair Sessions, where friends come together to experience this ancient art form with their pieces hosted in the studio!

Contact by e-mail or call for an appointment, as it's best to view the damaged piece to provide an accurate estimate for professional antique restoration.


Professional Antique Restoration

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